Alabama Marriage License

If you're getting married in Alabama, you must first apply for a marriage license.
It'll cost you $70.00 to $104.00, and you'll have to use it within 30 days.

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Where to Apply

How can I legally get married in Alabama?

The first step to getting married in Alabama is to apply for a marriage license at any probate court. Some are by appointment only.

Where can't I apply?

Due to objections against same-sex marriage, six Alabama counties no longer issue marriage licenses: Clarke, Covington, Elmore, Geneva, Pike, and Washington.


How does my residency impact the application process?

Some probate courts require a parent consenting to a minor's marriage to be a county-resident. Beyond that, there are no residency requirements.


How much will a marriage license cost me?

An Alabama marriage license costs between $70 and $104. The fee varies by county, but most charge around $70–75.


Where can I use my license?

Your Alabama marriage license can be used anywhere in the state. It can't be used outside Alabama.


What information will I have to fill out?

The application will ask for your name, birth name, birthdate, birthplace, race, sex, residence, mailing address, phone number, social security number, marital history, education completed, father's name, and mother's birth name.


What if I'm unable to apply in person?

You and your prospective spouse must apply for your marriage license in person, at the same time. Applying absentee or by proxy is not an option.

Age Requirements

How old must I be to marry?

Aged 18 and over?

If you're at least 18 years old, mentally competent, and sober, you can marry without parental consent.

Aged 16 and 17?

If you're 16 or 17 years old, you can marry with the consent of your custodial parents or guardian, as well as approval from a probate court judge. However, if you've been married before, consent isn't required.

Aged 15 and under?

If you at or below the age of 15, you can't legally marry in Alabama.

Who specifically grants consent and how?

If you're a minor, whoever has full legal custody over you—be it one or both parents—must consent to your marriage in person before the probate judge or by written affidavit. One parent households must prove custody. Guardians must prove guardianship.

Waiting Period

How soon will I get my marriage license?

You'll receive your marriage license immediately after you apply. You can get married that same day.


How long is my marriage license good for?

Your marriage license will expire 30 days after issuance, after which it will be void.


ID for adults and minors?

All participants—adults, minors, consenting parents—must bring unexpired government-issued photo ID, such as a driver's license, state-issued ID card, military ID card, passport, citizenship papers, or immigration papers.

ID for minors?

In addition to photo ID, minors must also bring a certified copy of their birth certificate. Hospital and baptismal certificates won't be accepted.

Is my birth certificate required?

While minors must absolutely bring a certified copy of their birth certificate, some probate courts will ask it for adults.

Is my social security card required?

Some probate courts will ask for your social security card or other government document containing it, such as a W-2.

Blood Test

Do I have to get a blood test?

You do not have to submit to a premarital blood test?


What are the requirements for divorced applicants?

You can't marry within 60 days of divorce, unless you're remarrying your former spouse. For everyone else, bring a certified copy of your divorce decree.


What if my prior spouse died?

If your prior marriage ended with the death of your spouse, bring a certified copy of their death certificate.

Name Change

How do I go about changing my name after marriage?

Your name doesn't change the moment you marry. You'll have to submit the necessary name change forms to officially transition. Update your social security card before moving onto other federal and state institutions.


Are witnesses required?

Witnesses are not required to be present at your marriage ceremony.

The Ceremony

Who can officiate my ceremony?

You can be married by an active or retired judge, minister, or anyone authorized by a religious society (e.g., Quakers, Mennonites).

Can we preside over our own ceremony?

You can't have a self-solemnized marriage ceremony. Someone else must officiate.

License Return

When does my marriage license need to be sent back?

Whoever presides over your marriage ceremony must return the marriage license to the issuing probate court for recording within 30 days after marriage.

Marriage Certificate

How can I get an official copy of my marriage certificate?

Probate courts sell certified copies of marriage certificates for licenses they issued for about $3. The state's vital records office also sells them for $15.

Do I need a certified copy of my license or certificate?

In Alabama, a certified copy of your marriage license is the same thing as a certified copy of your marriage certificate.

Proxy Marriage

Can I have someone stand-in for me at the ceremony?

You cannot have someone act as your proxy at the marriage ceremony. You must physically be there.

Prohibited Marriage

Can I marry my first cousin?

Alabama law doesn't explicitly permit nor forbid marriage among first cousins. The application won't inquire if you're related to one another.

Can I marry another family relation?

You can't marry anyone up or down your family line, as well as aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews.

Common-law Marriage

Can I get married by common-law?

Effective January 1, 2017, Alabama no longer allows common-law marriage. However, any common-law marriage preceding this date will still be recognized.

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  1. If I divorced in 2011 do I have to have proof of divorce

    1. do I have to have proof of divorce

      Yes, bring a certified copy of your divorce decree.

  2. If your precious husband introduces you as his wife much of the time to friends close and family still after divorced for 5 years and we still see each other from time to time and he sees no one and I don’t , but we still don’t have a relationship commitment like marriage is there a meaning to this for us? Please explain?! I still love him as he does me!

    1. We do not live together since our divorce in 2014 but do go to all fictions like family would regularly! Nothing has changed and he always takes care of things when I need him to do so w/o even Questioning!!

      Is there any rights to be married legally to this man as my husband consider Circumstances? Are we still husband and Wife? We were married in Maui Hawaii

      1. Is there any rights to be married legally to this man as my husband consider Circumstances?

        Alabama abolished common-law marriage at the beginning of January 2017. However, any common-law marriage established beforehand will remain recognized. The state might recognize your relationship as a common-law marriage if it was established prior to this abolition date.

    2. is there a meaning to this for us? Please explain?

      If you've carried yourselves as husband and wife for the past five years, your relationship may qualify as a common-law marriage.

  3. is there a fee to get married by a judge? And will they perform the marriage the same day you get your license?

    1. is there a fee to get married by a judge?

      Yes, there is a fee to have a courthouse wedding. Civil ceremony fees vary by probate court. Expect to pay approximately $100.

      And will they perform the marriage the same day you get your license?

      Appointments are typically required to get married by a probate court judge. If you know you want to get married on a certain day, schedule an time that follows shortly after your marriage license is issued.

      1. Can you schedule a day ahead of time to see a judge we are wanting to get married Monday morning

        1. Can you schedule a day ahead of time to see a judge

          That's entirely up to the probate court. They may allow you to schedule your appointment before applying for your marriage license.

  4. Is there a way to find a officiant to marry my fiance and I on the beach?

    1. Hi Hannah. A given county's probate court may maintain a list of officiant's for hire.

  5. Do you require a appointment for a marriage licence we are wanting to do it Monday morning and try and get married the same day if possible or the next

    1. Do you require a appointment for a marriage licence

      Very unlikely. The vast majority of counties do not require an appointment be made to apply for a marriage license.

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