Nebraska Marriage License

If you're getting married in Nebraska, you must first apply for a marriage license.
It'll cost you $25.00, and you'll have to use it within one year.

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Where to Apply

How do I get married in Nebraska?

Before you can get married in Nebraska, you must apply for a Nebraska marriage license at any of the state's 93 county clerk's offices.

Where can I find my local county clerk's office?

The county clerk's office is typically located in the county courthouse. County clerk locations are listed at the bottom of the page.


Does where I live impact the application process?

There are no marriage-related residency requirements. Nebraskans and nonresidents may apply and marry.


How much is a marriage license?

A Nebraska marriage license costs $25. The fee is set by the Nebraska Legislature.

Does the license fee include a marriage certificate?

The marriage license fee covers just the marriage license. Marriage certificate copies can be purchased separately for $9 each.


Where in Nebraska can I use my marriage license?

Your Nebraska marriage license can be used anywhere in the state. It is only valid for use in Nebraska.

Can I use a non-Nebraska marriage license in Nebraska?

You may only get married in Nebraska with a Nebraska marriage license.


What form do I have to fill out?

The Nebraska marriage license application or worksheet will ask the following:

  • Name
    • First, middle, last, suffix
    • Notate any prior legal name change
  • Birth surname
  • Age
  • Residence
    • Street; city, town, or location; county, country, and zip
  • Birthplace
    • City and state, or foreign country
  • Date of birth
  • Father's name
  • Father's birthplace
    • City and state, or foreign country
  • Mother's full maiden name
  • Mother's birthplace
    • City and state, or foreign country
  • Social security number
    • Sign affidavit if you do not have one
    • Since September 13, 1997 for child support collection purposes
  • Telephone number
  • Marital history
    • Last marriage end date
    • Last marriage end reason (e.g., death, dissolution, annulment)
  • Ethnicity
    • Hispanic or Latino
  • Race (choose one or more)
    • Asian
    • White or Caucasian
    • Black or African American
    • American Indian or Alaska Native
    • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander

Will my personal information be kept confidential?

Your race, ethnicity, marital history, and social security number is kept confidential and will not appear on the marriage license or marriage certificate.


Do I have to apply in person?

You and your partner must apply in person, together. Neither can apply absentee.

Age Requirements

How old must I be to marry in Nebraska?

Aged 19 and over?

If you're at least 19 years old—the age of majority in Nebraska—and legally competent, you can get married without parental consent.

Aged 17 and 18?

If you're 17 or 18 years old, at least one custodial parent or legal guardian must consent to your marriage.

Aged 16 and under?

If you're 16 years old or younger, you will not be issued a marriage license in Nebraska.

How is parental consent granted?

Parents or guardians can either grant consent in person at the county clerk's office or with a notarized clerk-provided consent form.

Waiting Period

When will I get my marriage license?

Your marriage license will be issued the day you apply. The previous two-day waiting period was eliminated in 1998.

How soon can I marry after I get my marriage license?

You can get married anytime after your marriage license is issued.


How long will my marriage license remain valid?

Your marriage license will expire one year from the date of issuance.

Must I return an expired or unused marriage license?

Expired and unused marriage licenses do not to be returned for cancellation or recording.


Do I need to show ID?

Bring government-issued photo ID that confirms your age, such as a driver's license, passport, state-issued ID card, military ID card, or green card.

Do I need to show my birth certificate?

Some county clerks will ask to see an original or certified copy of your birth certificate. If you're 17 or 18 years old, it is mandatory.

Do I need to show my social security card?

A small minority of county clerks will ask to see your social security card. The vast majority will only ask for your social security number.

Do consenting parents or guardians need to show ID?

In addition to photo ID, divorced or widowed parents must prove custody, while guardians must prove guardianship.

Will foreign and non-English identification be accepted?

Any Non-English identity document you submit must be accompanied by a certified and notarized translation.

Blood Test

Do I have to get a blood test?

The female-only premarital blood test for Rubella immunity (a.k.a. German measles) was abolished effective April 14, 1998.


Is proof of divorce necessary?

If your last marriage ended in divorce or annulment, you must detail the date it was dissolved. Paper proof is not required.

How soon can I get married after divorce?

Nebraska law imposes a 6-month waiting period between a finalized divorce and remarriage.


Is proof of having been widowed necessary?

If your last marriage left you a widow or widower, you will only need to specify the date. The death certificate is not required.

Is there a waiting period to remarry after being widowed?

Unlike divorces, there is no moratorium between a spouse's death and remarriage.

Name Change

Can I change my name because of marriage?

Your marriage certificate authorizes the SSA, DMV, among others, to accept your married name. Name change forms can optionally be completed online.


Do I have to bring witnesses to my marriage ceremony?

Two witnesses must attend your marriage ceremony. Their names and residences will be printed on the marriage license.

Can a minor or child serve as a witness?

Nebraska statutes do not specify a minimum age for marriage ceremony witnesses.

The Ceremony

Who can preside over my marriage?

Your marriage can be solemnized by a judge (active or retired), clerk magistrate, minister, or religious society.

Can we solemnize our own marriage ceremony?

You cannot conduct a self-solemnized marriage ceremony. You must assign an officiant.

Can we be married in a civil ceremony?

County clerks and staff do not perform civil ceremonies. However, they can supply you a list of available judges.

Must officiants be from Nebraska?

Officiants do not have to be residents of Nebraska nor must they register credentials.

License Return

When must the marriage license be sent back?

Your marriage license must be returned to the issuing county clerk within 15 days after marriage so that it may be recorded.

Marriage Certificate

How do I get a certified copy of my marriage certificate?

Ordering from the county clerk?

You can order a certified copy of your marriage certificate for $9 from the county clerk's office that issued the license.

Ordering from the state's vital records office?

Nebraska's vital records office sells certified copies of birth, death, divorce, and marriage records for $16.

Proxy Marriage

Can I get married-by-proxy?

Nebraska does not allow proxy marriage, where you employ a stand-in to represent you.

Prohibited Marriage

Can I marry my first cousin?

You cannot marry your first cousin in Nebraska.

Can I marry a particular family relation?

You cannot marry your grandparent, parent, child, sibling of the half or whole blood, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, or first cousin.

Common-law Marriage

Can I get married by common law?

Nebraska terminated common-law marriage in 1923.

Will my out-of-state common-law marriage be recognized?

Nebraska will recognize a common-law marriage validly established in another state, assuming neither partner was a Nebraska resident at the time.

Vow Renewal

Can I get a marriage license for a vow renewal?

You will not be issued a marriage license for a ceremonial vow renewal that has no legal weight.

Office Locations

Where will you apply?


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  1. Can I marry someone that is not a US Citizen and is here with a visa but I am a US Citizen?

    1. Can I marry someone that is not a US Citizen and is here with a visa

      Yes, you can marry a non-U.S. citizen in Nebraska. Even two non-U.S. citizens could marry in the state.

  2. My fiance is in Denver jail can i marry him while hes in there?? And can he use a issued ID from in there??

  3. Do you have to get a marriage license in the same county as the wedding ceremony ?

    1. Hi W. You can get your license from any county and marry anywhere in the state.

  4. We are both residents in Nebraska, my partner went through a divorce in another state that does not have a waiting period to remarry. Do we still need to wait the 6 months to get married in Nebraska?

    1. Hi C. The six-month wait applies to any divorce. Whether finalized in Nebraska, another state, or country.

  5. Can i get a absentee spousal form for a marriage license

  6. My fiance is currently incarcerated in Cheyenne county jail. Would I be able to obtain a marriage license with him?

  7. What I.D. do I need to obtain a marriage certificate/license in Nebraska? Will a driver's license and passport work? Or do I have to dig out a birth certificate?

    1. Hi DP. Driver's license is fine. But some clerks may ask to see a certified copy of your birth certificate.

  8. Once the license is issued, what is the process of getting a same day courthouse marriage ceremony done? And are there any extra fees, such as for use of the courtroom?

    1. Hi JP. It's better to schedule your ceremony in advance. You can contact the county clerk's office for a list of available judges. Each judge sets their own fees.

  9. Can I obtain a confidential marriage license in Nebraska? We both reside in Nebraska but prefer not to have our application of marriage printed in the newspaper.

    1. Can I obtain a confidential marriage license in Nebraska?

      No, confidential marriage licenses do not exist in Nebraska. California has them though.

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