Vermont Marriage License

If you're getting married in Vermont, you must first apply for a marriage license.
It'll cost you $60.00, and you'll have to use it within 60 days.

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Where to Apply

How do I get a Vermont marriage license?

You may apply for a Vermont marriage license at a city or town clerk's office.

What is a civil marriage license?

In Vermont, a civil marriage license and marriage license are the same.

May we convert our civil union to a civil marriage?

You may convert a civil union to a civil marriage on the application.


Does residency decide where I may apply?

Do either of you live in Vermont?

If either applicant lives in Vermont, apply in either's town residence.

Are both of you nonresidents?

If neither of you are residents, apply in any city or town.

What if I live in an unorganized town or gore?

If both of you live in an unorganized Vermont town or gore, visit the county clerk.

Do I have to get a U.S. citizen to marry in Vermont?

Anyone may marry in Vermont, no matter where in the world they come from.


How much is a marriage license?

A Vermont marriage license costs $60.

How much is a marriage certificate?

A certified copy of a Vermont marriage certificate costs $10 per copy.

May I buy a marriage license and certificate at the same time?

You may preorder a certified copy of your marriage certificate when you apply for a marriage license.


Where may I use my marriage license?

Your Vermont marriage license is valid across the state.

May I get married with a non-Vermont marriage license?

Only Vermont-issued marriage licenses are lawful in the state.


Do I have to apply in person?

At least one party to your proposed marriage must apply in person.


What goes on the marriage application?

Prepare to answer the following under oath on the civil marriage license application:

  • Designation
    • Bride, groom, or spouse
  • Name
    • First, middle, and last
  • Birth surname
  • Sex
  • Date of birth
  • State or foreign country of birth
  • Phone number
  • Residence
    • Number and street, city or town, state, and country
  • Email
  • Parents'
    • Full names
    • Last names at birth
    • States of foreign countries of birth
  • Ceremony
    • Ceremony date
    • Ceremony city or town
    • Officiant's name and address
  • Mailing address
    • After marriage
    • One address for both
    • Mail marriage certificate here for $10 extra
  • Under guardianship
    • Yes or no
  • Previous relationship
    • Will not appear on marriage certificate
    • Marriage or civil union
    • End date
    • End reason (e.g., death, divorce, dissolution, annulment)
  • Total marriages or civil unions
    • Including this one

Age Requirements

How old must I be to marry in Vermont?

Aged 18 and over?

If you're at least 18 years old, competent, and not under guardianship, you may marry without special permission.

Aged 16 and 17?

If you're 16 or 17 years old, you may marry with your parent's or guardian's written consent.

Aged 15 and under?

If you're 15 years old or younger, you may not marry in Vermont.

What if I have a legal guardian?

If you're an adult with a legal guardian, they must consent to your marriage in writing.

Premarital Education

Does Vermont promote premarital education?

Vermont does not have a state-sanctioned premarital education program in place.

Waiting Period

When soon will I get my marriage license?

You will get your marriage license moments after you apply.

May I get married the same day?

You may get married the same day you receive your marriage license.


When will my marriage license expire?

Your marriage license will expire 60 days after issuance.


Do I have to show ID?

Bring a photo ID, such as a driver's license, passport, or non-driver's ID card.

Do I have to show my birth certificate?

You do not have to bring your birth certificate.

Do I have to show my social security card?

You do not have to bring your social security card.

Blood Test

Is a blood test required?

Vermont stopped requiring a premarital blood test for syphilis effective April 9, 1986.


Do I have to show my divorce decree?

You do not have to show your divorce decree if you're divorced.

May I get married soon after getting divorced?

There is no mandatory waiting period between one marriage ending and another beginning.


Do I have to show my late spouse's death certificate?

You do not have to show your late spouse's death certificate if you're a widow or widower.

Name Change

How do I change my name through marriage?

Change your name through marriage by including a certified copy of your marriage certificate with your name change forms.


Do I need witnesses?

You need not bring witnesses to your marriage ceremony.

The Ceremony

Who may officiate our marriage ceremony?

A judge, justice, magistrate, justice of the peace, clergy member, or religious society may solemnize your marriage.

May a friend or family member officiate our marriage?

For $100, anyone may become a temporary officiant for one specific marriage.

May we preside over our own marriage without an officiant?

You may not self-solemnize your marriage. A third-party must officiate.

License Return

What happens to our marriage license after we're married?

Your officiant must return your marriage license to the issuing clerk within 10 days after marriage.

Marriage Certificate

How do I get a copy of my marriage record?

Local clerks and state vital records sell certified copies of a marriage certificate for $10.

Should I buy from a clerk or the state?

Clerks only have records for their city or town. The state office has records for every city and town.

How soon may I order a copy of my marriage certificate?

Your marriage certificate should be available for order one to two weeks after your wedding.

Proxy Marriage

May I get married by proxy?

Vermont does not allow marriage by proxy, power of attorney, phone, or video.

Prohibited Marriage

May I marry a first cousin?

You may marry a first cousin.

May I marry a relative?

You may not marry a grandparent, parent, child, grandchild, sibling, aunt, uncle, niece, or nephew.

Common-law Marriage

May I establish a common-law marriage in Vermont?

Vermont does not recognize common-law marriage and never has.

Vow Renewal

May I apply for a remarriage or vow renewal license?

You may not apply for a marriage license to remarry your current spouse.

May I apply for a marriage license to marry my civil union partner?

You may apply for a marriage license to dissolve your civil union and then marry.

Office Locations

Where will you apply?


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  1. Can you marry same day? We are planning on October 9 for the ceremony and celebration but wanted to marry immediately. Like same day. We live in Windsor

    1. Hi Antonia. Vermont doesn't have a waiting period. You can get married the same day you apply. However, if you're asking if you can get married in a government civil ceremony the same day, that's another matter. You'll have to contact the judge, magistrate, or civil celebrant to determine availability.

  2. My future wife and myself are planning on getting married on June 4th of 2022 Springfield Vermont. We are planning on staying at a hotel before moving to Burlington Vermont. I can get the marriage certificate on Friday June 3rd?

    1. I can get the marriage certificate on Friday June 3rd?

      You should be able to get the marriage "license" the day before, but take caution regarding the residency requirements. If either of you reside in Vermont, you must apply in the town of either's residence. If both of you are from out-of-state, you may apply in any town.

      Some towns may impose appointment requirements, so walking in could be a mistake. Further, it's not guaranteed that Burlington will be open the day or time you walk in. You're projecting half a year in advance and cutting it close with a one-day gap.

      If you're set on maintaining this tight time frame, make sure to take these points into consideration a few weeks before applying. Contact the office in advance and the days before to confirm protocol and hours of operation changes.

    1. Can I renew my vows here also?

      You can perform an informal vow renewal. Vermont doesn't legally recognize or register vow renewals.

  3. Thank you for this guide! My fiance is not a US citizen and therefore doesn't have a social security number, will they need to provide an affadavit saying as much? Is there a template or guide for that you could share?

    1. Hi Alice. Non U.S.-citizens are not required to provide a social security number or proof of its nonexistence.

  4. My daughter and her fiance live outside the USA. Is there any means to apply for a license via zoom? thank you.

    1. Is there any means to apply for a license via zoom?

      I don't believe this option exists in Vermont.

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